Our Story

Isle of Beauty is a Cayman Islands based beauty brand. At Isle of Beauty, we strive to promote self-love through aligning makeup and skincare. We endeavor to redefine the rules of makeup that make beauty about embracing yourself- flaws and all- working towards self-confidence rather than merely covering up. Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and the epitome of clean beauty. Likewise, it is not a surprise that besides beauty, we also value inclusiveness, sustainability, quality, and consciousness.

Our Values


One of our main focuses at Isle of Beauty is to ensure that no one gets left out. Likewise, inclusivity and diversity is at the core of our values and we will never compromise for less. Beauty products for all skin colors should never be a radical idea and we will continue to expand our offerings to inclusivity. Likewise, our products are perfect for all genders, races, and ages.


Being aware of the importance of give and take in our interaction with the social and natural environment, we have assumed a responsible role in helping shape it. At Isle of Beauty we emphasize our responsibility to the environment by embedding the principle of sustainability at the very heart of our company philosophy and processes. We plan to make every effort to use natural sources in an economical way and reduce the impacts of its activities and products on the natural environment by choosing production processes, technologies, packaging and materials which cause the least possible stress to the natural world.


At Isle of Beauty we recognize that we should take responsibility in helping our local community and give back to the Island that we call home. Likewise, we will always strive to help families in Cayman along with other Caribbean countries through donations to organizations, charities, churches, and by community service. It is our goal that with each product you purchase from Isle of Beauty, you will take a piece of Cayman with you everywhere you go and never forget your Caymankind.


Our mission is to ensure complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients. We aim to be recognized by always trying to reach to compromise between one's beauty and well-being. The development of our products happen overseas and follow rigorous guidelines for quality standards. Each of our products follow EU and FDA guidelines and have been tested and approved by a team of many professionals. At Isle of Beauty we have an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Likewise, we strive to formulate our products with ingredients that are vegan and paraben-free.


At Isle of Beauty we believe that an important part of beauty comes from within- that a truly beautiful person is one who feels beautiful. A woman proud of both the beautiful and the less beautiful parts of her body. We endeavor to redefine the rules of makeup, making beauty about embracing yourself, flaws and all, working towards self-confidence rather than merely covering up. By exerting this positive view of beauty we hope to encourage self-love through our products which reinforces awareness of one's unique qualities, assisting in bringing out one's natural beauty and playing a part in making people comfortable in their own skin in any period or situation in life.


We are well aware that the trend of animal testing has increased over the years. At Isle of Beauty we will never partake in this practice and can assure you that each and every one of our products are vegan, paraben, and cruelty-free.